Poppy was born in Holland on 24th October 2008, but came to us in January 2009. She was the ideal house and family dog. Living on a farm she loved to run around outside. Fetching sticks was one of her favourite pastimes.

As we have other animals on the farm (sheep, goats, horses, chickens,....), it was important to us that we trained her properly. We took her to puppy classes when she was six  months old and she learned to relate to all sorts of other puppies, dogs and people - this was excellent training.

After this she passed BGH-1 and BGH-2, which are basic obedience courses here in Austria. As she was such a fine Miniature Schauzer, we also decided to show her, with the goal of breeding from her. At Klagenfurt in 2009, she received a 'most promising' and in March 2010, a 'very good' in Graz.

The best fun of all was had in Agility Sports where we both had to run together, which not only increased the personal 'bonding', but was quite exhausting for me!

As a mother she looked after her puppies very well until she died of blood poisoning on 10th July 2011. Since then the puppies have been reared by hand.

Winter fun